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In the north of Pakistan between China, India and Afghanistan there runs an important borderline between shadow and light. The route leads from Islamabad to Skardu via Chilas and Gilgit, crossing the Silk Road, via a delicate terrain. After some hours of transfer by jeep and unnumbered checkpoints later the traveler finally arrives at the valley of Hushe. There, in Kandy, a school is located, that differs from many others in the region: As far independent and as freely as possible, girls and boys are taught together, the language of teaching is English.

In the neighbouring valley the children are taught by a different kind of teachers. Echoes resulting from these teachings can be seen on the TV-screens of our living-rooms. In Hushe Valley many, among them Khalil, are struggling to allow their children a curious and reflected approach to the facets of their reality. It may or may not be that our freedom is defended on the Hindukush as well; this work is something concerning us all immediately: In the hearts and minds of these children it is weighed what – in our minds – represents  condition humana.

Conflicts are cost-intensive, a school is not. Still it needs funding: Teachers have to be paid, the infrastructure of learning (books, pencils, teaching materials, computers) is to be maintained and: very constricted room has to be extended. And it is clear that the Hushe valley lacks many things even more essential. Responsible boby is the Mashabrum Welfare & Development Organization. Here you can find some information on the project. Feel free to contact me or Khalil if you are willing to support the project.

The North of Pakistan is among the most beautiful, breath-taking and most original destinations on Earth. Hiking, Trekking, Peak Expeditions on 8000ers: Khalil is a competent and merry guide. He and his company Masherbrum Expeditions offer all kinds of adventures between the marvelous Hushe-Valley and the K2. And: He is a well-experienced climber of high altitudes, with an excellent proficiency of the English language. You can contact him via this address; you can also contact me if you think that I might be of use.


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